The Maiden Warrior's Blade


Genres: Romance, Erotica, Sci-fi
Themes: Gay representation
Stars: Worldbuilding Star, Warmth Star, Sizzle Star

Today I review The Persistence of Memory, the first of the Mnevermind trilogy by Jordan Castillo Price. In true JCP style, Mnevermind treats us to a sweetly soul-warming story with a sci-fi twist. The twist, in this case, may suggest that the erotic romance would be particularly mind-bending, perhaps even maddening–it’s not. So just mnevermind all that!

Daniel Schroeder is living his dream, a mnemography business with his dad, Big Dan. Funny, though, how a memory can spoil a dream. Mnemogaphy is a technology that allows you to live a memory that never actually happened, called a mnem (pronounced “nem”). In mnem your perfect can come to perfect sensory to detail, and despite being fully artificial, you won’t see the cracks in it until after it’s over, and the “memory” has…

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